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How Not to Hunt DVD "Huntin' Buddies" - Starring Tim Conway

Hunting Buddies DVD logoI suspect there are very few people who have not had the opportunity to watch a television show starring Tim Conway.  As a kid, I remember laughing as Tim played Ensign Charles Parker, a naïve gung-ho bumbler of a navy officer on McHale’s Navy.  After the McHale’s Navy series ended, Tim co-starred on The Carol Burnett Show.  He is certainly well remembered for his sitcom roles, including Married with Children, Cosby, Mad About You, Touched by an Angel, and Coach.  Today, kids may recognize Tim Conway as the voice of Barnacle Boy on SpongeBob SquarePants.


In 1988, Tim Conway created a bumbling character named Dorf.  Conway starred as Dorf in the 1994 movie “Dorf Goes Fishing”.  In this movie, Dorf, an oddball vertically challenged angler provides viewers with a historical lesson and perspective on fishing.  Now, in 2007, Conway continues his crazy antics and brings to the viewing audience a new comedy, entitled “Huntin’ Buddies”.  If ever there was a “How Not to Hunt” movie, this is it. 


Conway along with co-characters Mel Tillis (country music legend) and Tom Lester (best known as Eb Dawson from Green Acres) star in the movie.  In the movie, Mel and Tom enter a “Huntin’ Buddies” contest only to have chaos and destruction follow them.  Game Warden Tim Conway, is equally inept and clumsy. This hilarious romp through the woods is sure to entertain the whole family.


In real life, Conway, Tillis and Lester are far from bumbling inept sportsman.  While creating this movie, the actors wanted to ensure the viewing public had no doubt that “Huntin’ Buddies” is a comedy, so Producer Chuck Burbage contacted the IHEA seeking permission to put an IHEA disclaimer on the preview to the movie.  Burbage later called to ask if he could include the IHEA’s 10 Commandments of Safe Gun Handling as a trailer to the DVD.  Obviously, permission was granted. 

At the SHOT Show, Terry Erwin and I met Chuck Burbage and Tom Lester.  What a great visit!  During this visit, Chuck offered to make a substantial contribution to the IHEA for each “Huntin’ Buddies” DVD sold through the IHEA.  This offer is not limited to Hunter Education instructors only, so be sure to tell your friends and family that for $19.95 (plus shipping and handling), they too can buy the DVD and provide a benefit to the IHEA!

Click Here to view Huntin' Buddies Clips! (You may need to update Quicktime via the link on the page)

As an added bonus, after you buy the “Huntin’ Buddies” DVD, you will receive a discount code enclosed in the shipper that will allow you to take advantage of thousands of dollars in discounts from various sponsors, such as Magellan GPS, Atlas Traps, Brunton Products, Heat Factory and more.

To order your copy of “Huntin’ Buddies” DVD, click on the “Huntin’ Buddies” link, www.huntinbuddies.com.  This will take your directly to the “Huntin’ Buddies” where you can buy the DVD.  Be sure to use coupon code HBDVDIHEA so that we get credit for your purchase. Enjoy, and remember to forget everything you learned in the movie!

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