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  1. Wells Man Dies After Being Found Unresponsive While Hunting

    According to the Faribault County Sheriff's Office, 54-year-old Daniel Drugg was duck hunting with friends near Walnut Lake, north of Bricelyn. Authorities say he was pulled from the water and taken to the hospital in Albert Lea where he was pronounced dead.

  2. Turn squirrel tails into fishing lures

    Squirrels are fun to shoot, and make tasty meals. And thanks to a program from the Mepps lure company, hunters can turn their tails into fishing lures.

  3. 10 local townships will be under disease surveillance area guidelines ...

    This past summer, the Ohio Division of Wildlife made a Disease Surveillance Area Proposal to the Ohio Wildlife Council that would affect deer hunting in 10 Holmes and Wayne County townships. The proposal, which is intended to control/prevent the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease, will be voted on this month by the Wildlife Council, which if passed, would give the chief of the Division of Wildlife the discretion to enact certain rules based on the situation.

  4. Hunters Modify Strategies For Turkey Season

    Because of a successful trap-and-transfer program initiated by DEC in 1959, wild turkey populations currently exist throughout New York State. On a less positive note, though, turkey populations have been on a decline for the past 15 years or so.

  5. Increased antlerless allocations considered by Game Commission

    In some urban neighborhoods deer are an overbrowsing pest. Throughout most of Allegheny and Philadelphia counties deer are healthy and plentiful, dodging cars but protected behind No Hunting signs on many private properties.

  6. No one knows the exact number of deer residing in the 5-square-mile municipality.

    No one's sure how many deer live in the borough, but the more than 50 residents, officials, out-of-towners and state wildlife staffers at Borough Hall on Thursday night largely agreed there are too many, posing problems that need solving. Where they differed was on what to do - and whether a hunt is feasible in a 5-square-mile borough of about 3,000 people, whose homes sit on at least two-acre lots.

  7. Maine fall hunting seasons for grouse, deer, others underway

    Oct. 1 marked the first day of the general archery season for deer. The season lasts until Oct. 30. It was also the first day of the fall wild turkey season, which ends on the same day.

  8. Bowhunting opens & wolf note: Illinois hunting

    More pickup trucks and jeeps were parked on the sides of roads or back field lanes than I expected Thursday morning on a drive through prime Downstate deer areas. Granted, it was opening morning for bowhunting for deer in Illinois.

  9. Small game challenges big-game hunter

    In remote mountains across North America and Asia, Richard Hale has spent weeks at a time in search of wild rams. He has known the heart-pounding rush of stalking giant grizzly bears in Alaska and elephants in Africa.

  10. Details of Mt. Lebanon deer hunting remain private by law

    The controlled archery hunt in Mt. Lebanon is beginning its third week. And that's about all residents know about it.

  11. The excitement for hunting builds in October

    I have a list of things I always carry during the late November, early December deer season.

  12. Hunting tip: Get past electric fences without getting shocked

    With various hunting seasons getting ready to kick off, I was reminded recently of a tip that has helped me out of many jams in the field. When hunting on private property, especially if you're around a lot of farmers, you'll often run into electric fences blocking your path.

  13. Severe winter took toll on northern New England deer herd

    The severe winter that dropped record amounts of snow in New England took a toll on the deer herd in Vermont and Maine, prompting wildlife officials to scale back the number of deer hunting permits issued this year. As archery deer hunting season opens this weekend in Vermont, the deer population is estimated to be down 11 to 15 percent from last year to a population of around 120,000 due to the winter.

  14. Deer hunting basics up for discussion next week

    Whitetail deer are New Hampshire's most sought-after game animal. Last year, hunters took 11,395 deer in the state.

  15. Remembering Capt. Bill Massey

    Matt Shoup was trying for a tautog on the first day of the fall tog season when this 13.24-pound trophy sheepshead grabbed the fiddler crab he was using for bait. The recent run of bad weather has pretty much shut down most of the fishing in the bay and ocean.

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