2015 IHEA-USA Committee Membership & Charges

Nominations and Awards

James Reed, OR - Chair
Todd Schmidt, CO
Jeff Hopkins, IL
VACANT - Mid-West Region
Mark Ostroski, DE
Sgt. Robert Ford, MD
Robert Ramirez, TX
VACANT - Southeast Region
  • Distribute nomination forms and criteria for officers of the board to members 90 days in advance of the annual conference. The Nominations Committee will collect all nominations from members at least forty-five (45) days in advance of the annual business meeting held at the annual conference. The Nominations Committee will submit the nominees to the Secretary of the Board for distribution to the members at least thirty (30) days in advance of the annual business meeting held at the annual conference.
  • Distribute award nomination forms and criteria to membership at least 120 days in advance of annual conference, solicit nominations for those awards, evaluate and rank completed nomination forms, submit recommendations to Executive Board for final votes/decisions no later than 45 days in advance of conference.
  • Update Hall of Fame area on web site to include photos and a write-up of each awardee.

By-Laws and Resolutions

Melissa Neely, NY - Chair
Larry Morrison, IN
Wayde Cooperider, MT
Tim Coleman, WV
David Whipple, WA
Jon King, WI

Travis Casper, NC
  • Seek input from and communicate any proposed changes to membership in advance of the 2015 IHEA-USA conference for possible ratification and adoption at the 2015 IHEA-USA business meeting in Des Moines, IA to be held May 21st.

Standards and Evaluation

Jason Kool, SD - Chair
Kent Barrett, KS
Mike Streeter, NE
John Sturgis, LA
Dave Dodso
n, VA
  • Review the current IHEA-USA Standards, solicit input from membership, and develop standards and delivery methods that maintain reciprocity between all member states.
  • Explore ways to increase participant’s (student’s) access to states’ courses and provide recommendations to the Executive Director and Board to share with the subcommittee developed by the Council to Advance Hunting and Shooting Sports Participation to review Hunter Education Course accessibility issues.
  • Incorporate "Best Practices" for delivery of hunter education programs into current core standards.
  • Review and certify new and/or revised Hunter Education programs and curricula as submitted to IHEA-USA. Develop policy and specific guidelines for review of general public documents (books, visual media, etc) that would have the IHEA-USA endorsement.

Research Committee

Susan Langlois, MA, Chair
Walter Lane, GA
Charles Bruckerhoff, CT

Instructor Advisory Committee

John Sears, IA, Chair
Carl Edmiston, AK
Louis Stithem, NE
Jose Gonzalez, NY
Richard Zang, NH
Roland, Ricky, FL
Wayne Davis, GA
George Oberstadt, CA
  • Explore opportunities to conduct multi-state Instructor Rendezvous/Academies.
  • Develop training aids and list instructions on how to make training aids on our website.
  • Provide list of additional training aids that the committee would like to see developed.
  • Expand individual memberships. Increase the number of instructor memberships. Explore additional value added benefits and instructor discounts that IHEA-USA can provide.
  • Provide list of potential committee project requests to board through committee chair for support and funding considerations.

Conference Planning

Steve Hall, Chair
Megan Wisecup, IA
Chris Saunders, VT
Billy Downer, SC
Robert Ramirez, TX

Assist IHEA staff in the planning, conducting, and wrap-up of the 2015 (Des Moines, IA) IHEA-USA Annual Conference and selection of the site for the 2016 Conference (Burlington, VT).

Hunting Incident Investigation Academy

Allen Crouse, IA - Chair
Pam Steelman, FL
Keith Byers, GA
Steve Seitz, GA
Rod Slings, IA
Mike Van Durme, NY
Jon King, WI

Plan and conduct the 2014 Hunting Incident Investigation Academy in Missouri.  Select location(s) and dates for 2015 Academie(s). FLORIDA

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