International Hunter Education Association - News Release Please select an article from the news topic below Sun, 04 Oct 2015 16:57:08 +0000 Open Source Excellence RSS Feeder en-gb Executive Director Departs IHEA-USA Executive Director Departs for Texas Hunter Education Position

Executive director, Steve Hall, departed IHEA-USA in late August to take on a new role as Texas hunter education coordinator.  As Texas Parks and Wildlife representative, he will still be a state member of IHEA-USA and assist the organization going forward, especially to ensure a smooth flow in operations during the transition.

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VERMONT - 2016 IHEA-USA Conference Host SAVE THE DATES! -- May 23-26th, 2016 -  Basin Harbor Club on Lake Champlain

 is poised to host IHEA-USA Annual Business Meeting & Conference near Vergennes, VT.

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IHEA-USA Stance Regarding African Lion Story IHEA-USA Stands Behind its Mission!

IHEA-USA with the words 'International' and 'Hunter' in its name, naturally received many calls relating to the incident in Zimbabwe regarding 'Cecil', the African lion.  IHEA-USA's statement regarding this story is HERE!

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Tree Stand Safety Awareness Month Did you know that falls from stands are the #1 Hunting Incident in North America?

Get Properly Prepared to Hunt from Tree Stands this Season!


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Volunteer Instructor of the Year Selected! Hunter Ed. Instructor, Steve Mills, Toledo, WA, selected as 2014 Instructor of the Year!

Steve Mills was recently honored at the IHEA-USA Conference in Des Moines, IA in May.  Sponsored by Federal Ammunition, the award honors the individual nominated by Hunter Education Administrators and best representing the 55,000 hunter education instructors across the United States.  Mr. Mills was unable to attend the conference but accepted the award from director of Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, Jim Unsworth, on June 12th at a WDFW Commission Meeting.  CONGRATULATIONS STEVE!

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